"Picking up a baby, giving him a hug and pampering, calming him down and making him feel warm and human contact, talking to him and making sure he hears our voice: these are all the simplest and most important things that happen to us first months and even years of a child's life, as several experts around the world have repeatedly argued.

In the United States, for example, there is even the figure of baby cuddlers or huggers in some hospitals and care centers: people, usually volunteers, who are trained or recruited to talk to babies, to hold them, to speak, to sing, to take - when families cannot do it, or there is no family to do it.

Now, in Torres Vedras, a request from an association is going absolutely viral, because it is so simple and yet essential: the Temporary Reception Center for Children at Risk (CAT) Renascer, in this region of the Lisbon district, is needing “Volunteers for Colinho”.

The request is made on a Facebook share that had, in a few days, more than eight thousand shares and thousands of comments from people interested in helping, or just asking questions. "

As he explains in his publication, this CAT currently has three babies, less than six months old, in his home, “in need of a lot of support, stimulation and time just for them”.

Find out more at NiT.

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