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Privacy policy

Our duty and goal is to provide and promote an excellent service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers. To do so, please read carefully the conditions of use of the content available on this site. See also the Terms of Use available on the site.

The site www.HomeCarShare.com represents the HomeCarShare brand and is managed by Planet Forward - UINPESSOAL Lda.

We present the following very important topics that validate and ensure all security and privacy of the personal data of Users who visit us and register on the Platform.

The Privacy Policy:

The current Privacy Policy includes personal data that clearly identifies Users who register through the registration form in order to make reservations or advertise the Services they provide.

Collection and Processing of Personal Data

At www.HomeCarShare.com we collect information whenever there is a voluntary registration of the User. The information thus collected is individually identifiable (personal data).

Once registered on the site the User, for us, is no longer anonymous.

We also collect information about the computer system used to access the site and the navigation made by the User (registered or not), for various statistical purposes and marketing on the site:

- Consultation of the visited pages;

-Query consultations sought;

-Consults to join the promotions, hobbies or contests.

The data obtained in this way, individually identifiable or not, only serves to decide sales strategies through the site and does not jeopardize the privacy of each anonymous individual or not.

At www.HomeCarShare.com we use personal data to:

1-Allow access to reserved areas of the site to which only registered users have access;

2-Customize the contents and advertising;

3º-Corresponding to the requests of the registered users about products / services;

4-Inform the Registered User about the products / services sold on the site, by sending electronic newsletters, among others;

5th-Sharing and Disclosure of some Data;

6th- Get Insurance quotes for the services provided.

Because it considers information confidential and individual, HomeCarShare will not sell or assign to third parties the personal data of registered Users. These are only used as part of the inherent services provided by HomeCarShare and always with the aim of improving the service provided to its Users.

HomeCarShare will provide information about Registered Users' personal data to other companies or persons only when:

1-Has express permission of the registered User for such;

2-This is necessary in order for HomeCarShare to be able to provide the products or services to the registered User. In this situation, the information provided is as little as possible to perform the service or to provide the product to the User. These companies are not allowed to use in response to legal notices, orders or court proceedings;

3-the personal data of the registered User, beyond what is strictly necessary to fulfill the request of HomeCarShare;

4º-HomeCarShare considers that the actions of the Registered User violate the Terms of Use or any other specific product or service guidelines.


The www.HomeCarShare.com site uses cookies to manage information, user activity, and to link marketing campaigns and to obtain site usage statistics.

Third parties, including Google, use cookies to serve ads based on your past visits to your website or other websites.

Using advertising cookies, Google and its partners may serve ads to users based on visits to their sites and / or other sites on the Internet.

Users can disable custom advertising by going to Ads Settings

Change and Delete Your Record

The website www.HomeCarShare.com allows the registered visitor to change their registration details whenever and whenever they wish, including their additional registration options, namely to be informed about special offers and new products and services (sending newsletters electronic).

Contact us via www.HomeCarShare.com or to info@HomeCarShare.com;

At any time the Registered User may request the termination of his registration at www.HomeCarShare.com by contacting us through the above ways. Your personal data will, however, be recorded for 30 days after feedback from HomeCarShare.

The provision of information about the Registered User's personal data that remains in our archives after terminating your registration will be made available to you in the same manner and in the same ways as described above.

Personal data stored on our systems