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    Advertise your accommodation for free

    Advertise a holiday rental with or without support car. Choose description, upload photos, set price and keep calendar up to date..


    Advertise a Holiday Home, Apartment, Hotel or Car

    Rent your house or apartment, sell your hotel rooms or others. Get more worry-free bookings with more  benefits.


    Already using another booking platform? No problem we are compatible!

    Increase the number of bookings you receive, synchronize the calendar with all platforms you use, and get double bookings with complete security!


    Receive bookings and recover the commission (12,5%) on vacation!

    Enjoy your vacation with the commission recovered from HomeCarShare, book any accommodation anywhere in the world. Sign up for free and without loyalty.

The best thing is that you don't have to worry, just accept reservations, welcome travelers, we take care of the rest!

Booking Process

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    Welcome your first guest.

    Once your ad has been posted, qualified guests can contact you. You can send them messages with any questions before their stay.


    Traveler makes online booking

    The booking is confirmed only after payment of the traveler through HomeCarShare.


    Get booking payments quickly 

    After guests check in, we may send their money by direct deposit or other available methods.


    Rate the traveler and get a reward

    At the end of the reservation, rate the traveler and receive his rating. If you receive a rating higher than 4 stars, you will be refunded gradually from the commission in credit for your vacation. 

Find out how much you can receive!

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    30 nights rental
    receive 1 500€ + 750 on holiday

    Rent your accommodation for 50€/night, when receive travelers for 30 nights you receive 1500€.


    90 nights rental
    receive 4 500€ + 2 250€ on holiday

    Receive 4 500€ in your bank account + 2250€ in credit for your HomeCarShare holiday.


    1 night rental
    1 tree to plant 

    HomeCarShare supports Portugal's reforestation by Quercus up to 5% of the value of the reserves it receives.


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