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Plataform 100% Sustainable.


Sustainable Tourism: Support Portugal's Reforestation

Book a Guest House or Hotel on HomeCarShare, help reforest Portugal with native forest through Quercus, effortlessly and get rewarded with extra holidays.

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Travelers from around the world visit Portugal

National and international travelers seek the destination Portugal on HomeCarShare for its unique qualities, from Europe to America, gastronomy, landscapes, people, the sun, guarantee quality holidays.

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Fantastic accommodations in Portugal

All HomeCarShare rentals are unique, lovingly maintained and managed by their owner. Find your vacation home, apartment or hotel when traveling with family, work or with your partner.

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Receive the reservation payment in the bank account that you indicate and still recover the commission in discounts for your vacation (12.5% per reservation).

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At HomeCarShare any accommodation in town or country can contribute to the sustainability of the planet, join us.

HomeCarShare aims to represent Portugal in the world of tourism as the emitter of the sustainable booking platform that creates the most positive impact on planet earth and humanity. HomeCarShare has it headquartered in Portugal, specifically in Ponta do Sol, Ilha da Madeira.

At HomeCarShare it is possible to book holiday accommodation (Houses, Apartments or Hotels) with or without a support vehicle, in CarSharing (owner of the accommodation) or Sustainable Rent-a-Car (Electric or Hybrid).

Travelers who book at HomeCarShare, travel from all over the world to visit Portugal. With varied origins from the European continent, from countries like United Kingdom, Germany, France or Spain. Or with more distant origins, across the Atlantic Ocean, from the American continent, from countries like the United States of America, Brazil or Canada.

Owners are local, family or small businesses that advertise their vacation rentals, generating a unique and diverse offer of holiday homes, apartments, hotel rooms or others. The traveler can safely book his holiday accommodation online and the owner is assured that he will receive his payment in the bank account he indicates.

In this revolutionary platform, 100% Portuguese and free access, users are considered shareholders / investors, so through the Affiliate Tree we give our travelers and active owners part of our income to use on their holidays with HomeCarShare. Additionally for high performing homeowners it is possible to receive these additional income in your bank account in exchange for providing accommodation services. Our system ensures that a HomeCarShare reservation is more advantageous than a direct booking!

We are motivated by the ideologies patent in Social Entrepreneurship, we want to form a sustainable tourism community. We believe that those who travel have a civic duty to support and contribute to the preservation of Planet Earth, Humanity and the places visited. For this reason we develop partnerships with environmental, social and local NGOs.


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