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Receive international travelers

Apart from national travelers, Portugal is sought by travelers from the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Brazil, Canada, United States of America.


Help reforest Portugal without cost or effort

Your Local Lodging or Hotel can help reforest Portugal through Quercus at no cost. Travelers who support this cause are rewarded with extra vacations. 


Contribute to the promotion of Portugal as a sustainable destination

We promote Portugal as a sustainable destination in the high or low season, with the aim of reducing the seasonality index. #MakePortugalGreenAgain


Earn money while supporting social causes

Participate in choosing the environmental, social and local causes that HomeCarShare travelers support in their bookings, while getting money for bookings in your accommodation.


Owner Promotions

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    Offer discounts between 10 € and 100 € to your customers

    At no cost to the owner, increase the number of bookings by offering discounts to your travelers. Just share the discount coupon for your ad.


    Get more bookings by sharing your ad

    Share your ad with your customers, by email or on social networks to offer them a discount and receive more reservations. Find here the discount vouchers.


    Get good ratings and get rewarded 

    Treat your travelers well, respond to messages quickly, promote an unforgettable stay, get a rating above 4 * and get rewarded by our loyalty program.


    Invite other owners to advertise on HomeCarShare

    Friends, acquaintances, customers, invite other owners to advertise on HomeCarShare and we share 1% of all their guest bookings with you. Invite up to 250 new owners. 


Find out how much you can receive!

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    30 nights rental
    receive 1 500€ + 750 on holiday

    Rent your accommodation for 50€/night, when receive travelers for 30 nights you receive 1500€.


    90 nights rental
    receive 4 500€ + 2 250€ on holiday

    Receive 4 500€ in your bank account + 2250€ in credit for your HomeCarShare holiday.


    1 night rental
    1 tree to plant 

    HomeCarShare supports Portugal's reforestation by Quercus up to 5% of the value of the reserves it receives.


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