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Book holiday accommodation in Portugal

Find holiday rentals in Portugal, from holiday homes, apartments, hotel rooms. Include in your reservation a support vehicle, in CarSharing or Rent-a-Car.

How it works?


Help reforest Portugal without cost or effort

Book a Local Accommodation, Hotel or other and help to reforest Portugal through Quercus. Travelers who support this cause are rewarded with extra holidays.


Travel double, recover up to 50% of the value of your reservation

We refund up to 50% of the reservation amount to be used in your next reservation with HomeCarShare. You don't need to invite anyone, just book and you'll be part of our loyalty program. But we reward those who invite friends!


Earn extra vacation while supporting social causes

HomeCarShare and as a reward, recover the amount of your support in holiday credit.


Deals for Travelers

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    Get discounts between € 10 and € 100 by inviting friends

    Invite your friends to book vacation rentals on HomeCarShare by offering them discounts and you receive an equal discount on your next booking. Just share your discount coupon link.


    Book with more impact, share HomeCarShare

    Share your unique invitation link with your friends and acquaintances, by email or on social media to offer them a discount and travel more often. Find discount vouchers here.


    Get good reviews and get rewarded

    Treat owners and accommodation well, respond to messages quickly, enjoy an unforgettable stay with respect, get a rating higher than 4 * and be rewarded by our loyalty program.


    Invite travelers to book on HomeCarShare

    Friends, acquaintances, customers, invite other travelers to book on HomeCarShare and we share with you 1% of all your contact's reservations. Invite up to 250 new travelers. 


Find out how much you recover for your next vacation!

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    Booking 500 €
    0 € donation
    Refund of 250 € (50%)

    Any reservation you make on HomeCarShare is 50% refundable for your next vacation!


    Booking 1000 € (100%)
    Donation 50 €  (5%)
    Refund of 550 € (55%)

    If you make a donation we will refund you 100% of the donation amount, up to a maximum of 5% of the reservation amount.


    Booking 1000 € (100%)
    Donation of 0 € (0%)
    Refund 500 € (50%)

    If you do not make a donation, the refund will not reach 55% of the reservation amount, even so the discount for your next vacation is huge!


    Find your Holiday Apartment, Apartment, Hotel

    Choose your vacation accommodation and take advantage of the magnificent immediate discounts we have for you and even partial refund of the amount of your reservation for your next vacation!

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